Intro to Vinyasa Yoga

Who: All Snap Fitness Members
When: April 21st @ 3:30-5pm
Where: Snap Fitness, 3257 South Service Drive, Red Wing, MN 55066

This yoga mini-workshop is perfect for the wanting-to-try-it-out as well as the seasoned yogi. What the heck is “vinyasa” anyways? Join us for about an hour and a half to get familiar with flow, check your chaturanga, unite with Ujjayi, stretch into Suryanamaskar and learn some of the common yoga poses, including whattheheckamidoing pose and howtomakeitfeelamazingasana. 

Be intrigued by yoga…not intimidated! Yoga is for every-body and every-mind. Maximize your yoga experience by learning a few basics, and get your vinyasa on! Contact Clare, to sign up.


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