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il_570xN.146664524Because one pork inspired yoga essay wasn’t enough, I must introduce my newest theory about the “other white meat.” Bacon, the accessory, the aroma, and faddiest food of all time, is still in full fashion, as it has trended since the mid to later 00’s. Interestingly, this was right around the time that heated vinyasa yoga was becoming, well, hot.

Being the analytical thinker that I am, I can only deduce that yogis brought back the bacon.

Nutritionally, it makes sense. Heated yoga induces intense sweating. Sweat is full of salt (sodium). The body depleted of sodium craves salt. Bacon is full of salt. En masse, thousands of sodium depleted sweaty yogis were craving. And of course, mindful yogis listen to their body’s signals. It is really simple science!

But don’t tell anyone. Yogis don’t eat bacon.

Bacon. Just another one of the bountiful benefits of yoga.

What do you think? Is bacon-asana legit?