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pumpkin plus chocolateAs the season transitions into cooler, drier, windier…as school starts, schedules change, and holidays loom…the Vata dosha can become unbalanced.

The transition of seasons offers a gamut of temperatures, and this Chocolate Pumpkin Smoothie would be nice on an hot “Indian Summer” day! And though its a cold drink,  it contains warming properties for the Vata dosha.

  • Chocolate warms the heart and belly and can elevate the mood. The caffeine in chocolate can help stimulate the brain.
  • Cayenne and cinnamon warm the belly and tongue, and stimulate digestion and the nervous system.
  • Pumpkin, a vegetable grown with strong roots and stems, is very balancing to the Vata dosha, which is primarily driven by the wind energy. Grounding is good for Vata.
  • Almonds (almond milk) pacifies Vata dosha light sweetness.
  • Ground flax adds fiber and flax oil adds healthy fat.
  • Organic buttermilk or regular dairy is good for Vata.
  • Whey protein is more easily absorbable for Vata’s sometimes fussy tummy. The addition of protein helps the other ingredients digest well.

Organic ingredients are ideal whenever possible.

Happy Vata Chocolate Pumpkin Smoothie


1/2 cup buttermilk or plain yogurt
1 cup chocolate almond milk (flax milk also works)
1/2 cup cooked pumpkin
1 T ground flax
1 tsp flax oil
1 scoop chocolate protein powder (whatever amount of protein you require)
1 T cocoa powder, optional for more chocolate-ness
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp ground cayenne
few cubes of ice
sweetener of choice, if desired (chocolate stevia or maple syrup work well)
handful of greens, if desired

Directions: Put it all in your blender and mix away!

trained ayurvedic practitioner and Yoga teacher can guide you to identify your dosha and any possible derangement through guna testing, chakra reading, and other tools.

If you suspect imbalance, consider a private assessment for awareness, coaching, and dosha balancing therapies that can include yoga-asana, meditation, breathing exercises, and lifestyle suggestions. Learn more about your dosha-ness…and maybe how to incorporate more chocolate into it all. 😉