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Four Seasons, by Laura George

Four Seasons, by Laura George

As the season (here Minnesota at least!) turns to beautiful autumn, I’ve been musing and mindfully monitoring my doshic energy, and its clear to me that Western society in general often encourages us away from trusting nature’s design.

For example, as the season moves through fall into winter, Ayurveda describes the environmental energies moving from Vata into Kapha. Instead of this natural shift, society wants to hold us in Pitta and Vata, and this leads to imbalance of body, mind, and spirit.

We are constantly bombarded with activity and industry, messages to do more, get more, multitask, and hurry. The latest gadgets “cut our time in half” so we can dash to the next thing. Do it bigger, faster….go above and beyond! Christmas decorations go on sale in September now, and Halloween started in August!

Don’t get me wrong. I love my iPhone, and “doing stuff” is obviously important. Multitasking is necessary (necessary evil maybe…) and striving is a wonderful asset!

But striving for balance and presence in it all is best. Resistance causes suffering. Resisting nature has put our world into turbulence, and it does the same to our bodies and spirits.

This season, as nature moves toward Kapha, the energy of earth, can we go along with it? As society pushes all the holidays, the school stuff, sports events, parties and entertainment…can we take a cue from the squirrels that are preparing to hibernate? The rabbits burrowing deeper and storing up their snacks? Can we consider the ideas of slowing down, moving less, shutting things off? Can we allow ourselves to go inward and store up for the long winter? I believe that embracing more of the Kapha energy this time of year will save many of us from a Vata derangement as winter approaches.

I’m not saying stop everything and go live in a box. But allow yourself to shift down a little, instead of up this fall and winter. In trying to do it all, we miss so much of the joy and truth, so instead of just having experiences, be present and actually in the experiences.

Set yourself up for a warm, cozy, healthy winter this year. Practice trusting nature, trusting how we were created, and embrace your Kapha side. Even dominant Kapha’s can benefit from embracing nature by getting ready to shine and stay balanced through their season!

6 ways to embrace Kapha and balance excess Vata:

  • Eat warm foods
  • Approach your yoga practice with ideas of grounding. Get regular exercise, practicing mindfulness. Maybe doing less overall, or shifting into slower moving strength practices.
  • Go to bed earlier, sleep a little later. More sleep!
  • Turn off distraction…try toning down the TV watching, or shutting off the car radio. Dim the lights in the evening, and turn off or turn down the contrast of electronic monitors.
  • Try picking up a meditation practice. (Contact me for guidance if interested!)