Private Yoga

Why try private yoga sessions?

Yoga is available to everyone, and should be tailored to the individual. You are unique and your Yoga should be as well. Let me help you personalize your practice!

Motivation for a private yoga session may cover the physical, emotional, and/or spiritual realm of an individual. I will work with you to develop a practice that meets your needs, goals, and desires. You will gain knowledge and awareness to take to your own mat, whether in class setting or personal practice. I will guide you to truly make Yoga your own!

  • New to Yoga? Private yoga instruction will help you build the proper foundation for your practice.
  • Wanting more? Build your practice by approaching new asana, honing the breath, moving into meditation and mantra, and incorporating Yogic philosophy.
  • Something specific? I will guide you through addressing specific imbalance in your body or psyche, as well as work to shape and achieve your individual life goals.
  • Small group? Want to connect with friends, family, or a partner through Yoga? Try a small group specialized yoga session!
  • Yoga party! Yes! I offer yoga for your party, gathering, benefit, get-together, open house, fundraiser, grand opening, birthday (kids!!), wedding, Bible study, whatever!

How does it work?

Individual private yoga sessions can be made at a time that is convenient for you. Our first session will consist of assessments and some “getting to know you,” as well as a few practice suggestions to take home. A second free follow-up session will move deeper into practices or philosophies we map out for your present journey. Additional follow-ups will enhance, edit, and evolve your practice. Follow-up sessions typically span one session every 1-4 weeks, depending on the individual.

  • Individual initial assessment + 1 free follow-up (45-60 minutes each) $55
    Additional sessions $48 each (45-60 minutes each) OR $165 for 4 sessions booked (45-60 minutes each)
  • Small group specialized instruction (up to 3 students, 45-60 minutes) $85
  • Yoga Party! $150 per 45-60 minute session